Men's Issues

Recognizing the importance of masculinity and differentiating men’s issues as a unique area of practice may seem controversial, or at the very least, unnecessary in modern society. Most issues that bring people to therapy are experienced by both sexes, albeit with varying frequency, and we share many of the same contemporary life struggles—making relationships work, progressing within one’s career, raising children, finding happiness. However, the causes of psychological/emotional distress and problems reaching life goals differ among people and between groups.

Perhaps you regularly find yourself in the dreaded friend zone or have a less-than-satisfying relationship with your partner. Have you ever noticed yourself feeling unable to express your feelings or desires for fear of making your partner mad? Maybe you hold yourself back from committing to a career, potential partner, or self-improvement for fear of offending others or being too successful. These and other problems experienced by many men coincide with depression, underachievement, and low relationship satisfaction. I work to help men acknowledge, articulate, and feel their emotions without judging themselves for having them. My goal is to empower men with the confidence to act and express themselves authentically, both in relationships and in service of reaching their goals.