Personality Disorders

In popular culture, you may have heard terms such as narcissist used to describe one’s demanding boss or co-dependent used to denigrate a significant other. The term borderline is thrown around with striking regularity, often with the intention of invalidating the feelings of women or dismissing one’s partner when he/she feels lonely or upset. These mischaracterizations can be confused with very real conditions known as personality disorders, and they can lead to people feeling ashamed of valid emotional, social, and psychological difficulties.

Perhaps you seem unable to form any lasting, meaningful relationships. Maybe you experience emotions much more intensely than others. It could be that you feel totally incapable of handling life’s challenges or even your own feelings independently, or perhaps you have very little idea who you really are. These experiences may reflect broad patterns of identity, thinking, feeling, relating, and behaving that can prevent you from achieving wellbeing and success in life. Resolving these issues, while difficult, is absolutely possible within the context of a secure therapeutic relationship. Together, we can work to understand you and your feelings more fully, work through the residue of painful life experiences, and help you live more authentically and effectively.