Services Offered

There are many forms of therapy, each of which are helpful in their own way. I offer individual, couples, and group psychotherapy to address a range of issues, from depression to addiction to relationship problems. The sections below provide brief descriptions of each form of therapy I offer. You may also visit the American Psychiatric Association's website to learn more about psychotherapy, evidence for therapeutic effectiveness, and strategies for selecting a therapist.


Individual Psychotherapy

Individual therapy offers an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself while working to address any problems you bring forward. I work to enhance awareness of your feelings, thoughts, and behavior patterns; resolve inner conflicts that prevent you from reaching your goals; and empower you to live an authentic and meaningful life.



Couples Counseling

Couples counseling offers an opportunity for you and your partner to feel heard and understood by one another while working through impasses, difficulties in communication, or infidelity. I work to empower each of you to take responsibility for your behaviors and feelings, communicate honestly and respectfully, and learn how to support one another more effectively.



Process Groups

Group psychotherapy provides a unique opportunity to encounter yourself in a safe social environment and learn about yourself in relationship to others. Process groups allow members to understand the way they affect other people, make sense of recurrent difficulties in relationships, enhance communication skills, and learn how to connect with others.


Clinical Specialties

My specialty areas of practice include addictionpersonality disorders, and men's issues. I have accumulated significant experience, training, and independent study in these areas and feel confident I can facilitate meaningful progress and healing should you struggle with them. In addition, I regularly treat both men and women with a variety of other conditions, including depressionanxietyobsessions and compulsionstrauma, and suicidality. Read below about how I view these conditions and work to help people heal.



Addiction presents in many forms—ranging from drinking to gaming to exercising to watching porn—and the line separating healthy recreation and problematic use is often unclear. I work to clarify the role and impact these behaviors have in your life and collaboratively help you either achieve sobriety or develop healthier patterns of use, whichever aligns with your goals.



Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are long-standing, broad patterns of thinking, feeling, and relating to others that lead to problems in every aspect of life. I work first to facilitate a deep and compassionate understanding of yourself, followed by specific work on improving your ability to experience and manage emotions, maintain relationships, and navigate life's challenges effectively.



Men’s Issues

There are many unique struggles men encounter in modern life, and it is often difficult to find places to talk about problems without feeling judged. In addition to working through other mental health struggles, I am committed to helping men recognize and articulate their feelings honestly, learn to embrace their masculinity, and find the courage to pursue their dreams.




There are many shades of depression that blend seamlessly from “feeing down” to having no will to live, and the reasons for feeling this way are often murky at best. I can help you make sense of your feelings and rediscover your passion for life.